Ecommerce website development optimised for conversion and sales growth

Engaging Website Design

We pride ourselves in designing websites that appeal to the right audience and resonate your value proposition.

Optimised for SEO

No point having an ecommerce website unless its easily found by your shoppers. So that’s what we do.

Fueled by Promotion

Now you have a strong ecommerce website asset are you ready to stock it with traffic? We’ll help you promote your business.

Conversion Focused – turning Visitors into Customers

The difference between an OK online shop and a great ecommerce business is conversion. This might involve moving a visitor through your sales funnel in just a few steps. It could include ensuring the Add-to-cart button is the single conversion option on a product page. Or it could be about removing distractions through your checkout process.

Integrating ecommerce with your business processes

To avoid double data entry and clumsy processes we build complex integrations between your ecommerce website and other businesses processes. We streamline inventory control and accounting. We can sync website activity with your CRM. We’ll dovetail customer engagement with marketing automation and RFM audience-segmentation modelling.

Recommending the best ecommerce platform for your business

We’re ecommerce-platform agnostic – which means we’re free to recommend the most appropriate ecommerce platform for your business or work with the one you are already using. If your store requires a degree of bespoke features and customisation we might recommend Magento 2. If scaling up from WooCommerce we might suggest BigCommerce or Shopify. So together, let’s find the right long-term solution.

Expanding ecommerce beyond “retailers”

More and more clients are finding that they can grow their business through ecommerce. Where once they insisted on a customer visit or phone call to complete a transaction; we’re now building online quote generators and intelligent pricing forms that complete even the most complicated transaction – it all means less customer abandonment, extra conversions and more sales.

Ecommerce optimised on mobile

As our smart phones just get better and better, more of us are leaving the desktop behind and making the mobile our go-to device for everything. It means that mobile layout isn’t an afterthought, it’s our first thought. We design for mobile first; planning ecommerce form and function for your iPhone or Samsung up front – so that it delivers maximised business at the completion.

How much should you spend on an ecommerce website?

Start-up Shop

A great ecommerce base with ample room for expansion.
Template design options Multiple product categories
Tailored home page content
CMS for blog and landing page development
Mobile friendly
Trusted SSL certificate
Live chat functionality
Easy to use checkout system
Payment gateway
Ability to scale up
Likely solutions:
WooCommerce, Shopify, BigCommerce

Growing Business

A tailored, multi-category store with specialised features & apps.
Ecommerce Marketing Automation
Bespoke design throughout
Promotion and discount code tools
Customer account features
Reporting tools
Inventory app integration
Email marketing integration
More shipping method options
Related product suggestions
Integrated consumer reviews
Multiple geographic zones
Likely solutions:
Shopify, BigCommerce, Magento

Bespoke Enterprise

A high-end starting-point; inventory synced and customised functions.
A complex setup synced to an inventory management and accounting system
Bespoke development features like detailed customer logins, product cost calculators
Integration with Store POS systems
Multi-store and multi-geo options
Cloud-based scalability
Full-page caching and quick load times for big stores
Likely solutions:
Magento Community or Enterprise, BigCommerce, Demandware

Accelerate your business growth with an ecommerce website built by Engage

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