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Google Ads is one of the most powerful forms of advertising available and here’s why you should be using it... 

Google Ads is Measurable

The challenge with traditional advertising, like TV and radio, and even SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) is that they can be extremely difficult to measure. We’re can’t be quite sure how to attribute successes. Google Ads can be measured precisely with metrics like Cost per Click (CPC) and Cost per Acquisition (CPA). We can quickly determine if a campaign is tanking or booming.

Google Ads is Scalable

If you create a Google Ads campaign that is converting at a positive rate, there is every reason to believe that an increase in PPC spend will provide proportionally more leads and profits. This makes Google Ads highly effective for businesses that need immediate traffic and leads. The increase in leads doesn’t necessarily require more effort, just more Google Ads budget.

What is Google Ads?

Google Ads is a search engine advertising platform provided by Google to run texts ads, display banner ads and video ads on Google Search and Display Networks. It displays ads relevant to the users search terms (keywords), user profile or a website's topic.

Google Ads is Flexible

Google Ads provides many options to customise, target and optimise your ads and campaigns…

Target specific keywords
Set your campaign to target certain user intent or only filter general searches by using exact matches.

Narrow your audiences
For example, target your audience by location, age group, gender, browser or device type. 

Use ad extensions
Add extra info to ads to highlight location, key services or a phone number. Even display product images.

Faster results than SEO

It can take months to see results from SEO; where you optimise website content and meta-tags so that Google will rank you well for your targeted keywords. And results from blogging and back-linking can take even longer. Meanwhile, you can put resources in to Google Ads and start getting impressions and clicks immediately.

Top tip to improve your Adwords

Don't just send traffic to your home page – link ads to bespoke conversion-optimised landing pages

Adwords is part of Inbound

Inbound = attraction. Outbound = disruptive. Because Adwords is only showing results that relate to what we are searching for, its part of inbound attraction marketing – we find it helpful, not disruptive. What’s more, Google rewards the advertiser with a higher Quality Score, when it thinks we’re providing a better result for its users.

Outperform your Competitors

Adwords presents an opportunity to outperform your competitors, all things being equal. With the right approach, tactics and knowledge you have every chance to perform above your weight. Clever copy, well-chosen keywords, conversion optimised landing pages can see you gain a significant advantage without a hefty production bill.

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