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What is Growth Marketing?

Growth marketing is about one thing: attracting engaged customers at every step of the sales funnel.

So, while traditional marketing focuses on the top of the funnel, drawing in an audience; and inbound marketing focuses on attracting and nurturing leads with content; and account-based marketing targets specific accounts; Growth Marketing is inclusive of the entire sales funnel.

Experimental & Agile Approach

Key pillars of our Growth Marketing process are experimentation and agility. 

By setting Key Performance Indicators we regularly measure a campaign's performance, test options and quickly respond to outcomes.

We continually optimise success channels and quickly divert or adjust under-par tactics.

Cross-Channel. Cross-Funnel.

The growth marketer’s role isn’t limited to a particular channel, tactic,
or even department.

A growth marketer’s job is to find growth wherever he or she can.

A lot of the time, tactics may not be considered marketing at all.
They could be web design, product development, direct sales
or something ompletely different.

The Vital Parts of the Growth Marketing Process

Growth marketing integrates multiple business channels to deliver extraordinary results.
It’s a holistic approach that demands experimentation and agility and actively using digital tools
to optimise your marketing results.

Created with Sketch. Product Development Buyer Personas Value Proposition
Product, Proposition & Personas

Optimising your product offering, creativity and storytelling, strengths every piece of communication that follows.

Created with Sketch. Attract Engage Convert Retain
Sales Funnel

Matching message with the customer’s intent is the key to boosting results from each sales funnel stage.

Created with Sketch. Marketing Automation Experimentation Measurement
Platform & Measurement

Technology supports marketing intelligence and automation. It drives efficiency, value and measurable actionable results.

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