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Growth marketing integrates and optimises your marketing tactics for sustained growth.
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What’s Included in the workshop?

Growth marketing vs other marketing

What’s not quite right with digital and traditional marketing and how growth marketing can give you the edge.

Growth Marketing process

How Growth Marketing will impact on the way you optimise your sales funnel.

Narrow the focus to build the brand

We’ll cover what a Value Proposition is and isn’t. Begin to define your Buyer Personas with a proven framework.

10-minute Website Audit

Using specialist tools, we’ll audit one of your most important assets; your website – we’ll cover on-page SEO, brand messaging and conversion optimisation.

Improving your reporting

Discuss the KPIs that matter most when it comes to growing your business.

Action Plan

You’ll come away with an action plan to proactively grow your business. And how to set up an internal or external growth team.

What do you do next?

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Run a Workshop

Our growth strategist will come to your offices for an interactive growth marketing workshop.

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