Marketing Automation

Generate leads, close deals & manage your sales funnel

With Engage’s marketing automation and CRM software recommendations, you can grow like a business twice your size while engaging prospects & customers in a personalised manner.

Marketing Automation helps marketers streamline their lead capture, audience segmentation, lead nurturing and scoring and customer retention. It automates the process of moving leads through your sales funnel, turning leads into customers and revenue.

What is Marketing Automation?

Marketing automation refers to software and web-based services, designed for marketing departments and businesses, to streamline, automate, and measure marketing tasks and workflows, so that businesses can increase their work efficiency and grow leads and customers and sales with faster results. 

Track & Respond to Prospects Actions

The software makes it easy to schedule emails, segment contacts, automate social media posting, manage your content, and track the lifecycle of customers in your marketing funnel. You can add specific campaigns to nurture newbies, reward purchasers or encourage return sales – building up your automated marketing over time.

Build Automated Campaigns

Build powerful automated rules to send dynamic content to leads & customers at every step of the sales funnel.

Connect with Anonymous Visitors

Use reverse IP lookup to identify the users visiting your site including company info, names & emails.

Score Leads

Identify hot prospects with lead scoring based on page tracking, site activity, fit with your brand and more.

Built-in or 3rd-Party CRM

Track opportunities through your sales pipeline within the app or integrate with 3rd-party CRMs like Salesforce.

Behaviour Based Emails

Send every lead just the right information through personalised dynamic-content emails. 

Engage Leads at Critical Points

Use buyer personas and workflows to engage leads at critical points in their unique buying journeys.

Landing Pages that Convert

Drive conversions with dynamic web content that changes based on visitors’ interests and attributes.

Adwords Integration

Track paid search campaigns through your sales pipeline and follow Adwords costs all the way to the bottom line.

Get Blogging in Minutes

Post blogs within the Marketing Automation app or integrate with your CMS – manage & publish posts with ease.


Far more than Email Marketing

Our Marketing Automation system replaces the need for a standalone email marketing app, so you don't have to pay twice! You’ll now send bulk email campaigns and personalised emails all from the same system. And all those individual connections with prospects and customers will be recorded and actioned within one place.

Tackle every marketing channel
with ease

Our integrated Marketing Automation options come with email, website visitor tracking, lead management, social media, CRM, reporting and analytics. Business owners can execute their marketing from a core stack of applications to attract traffic, generate quality leads and transform those leads into customers and sales.


Marketing Automation Outcomes

  • Improved lead management and nurturing
  • Measurable results
  • Enhanced targeting & personalisation
  • Increased efficiency and productivity
  • Better customer relationship management
  • Improved user engagement 
  • Close more business by sending exactly the right message at exactly the right time using powerful behavioural based communication. 

Engage's Marketing Automation platforms include:

  • Built in CRM or integration into Salesforce and other major CRMs
  • Ecommerce integration to segment customers & improve conversion rates
  • Adwords & Social Media integration
  • Options for Unlimited leads and email marketing 
  • Conversion Rate Optimisation tools including Exit Intent popups
  • Website Live Chat software
  • Dedicated account management

Grow like a business twice your size.

We’re helping Auckland businesses like yours into Marketing Automation. Contact us today to see how.