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20.6% More Revenue from Google Ads

Key Metrics
Reduction in Cost per Conversion
More revenue from Google Ads
Online revenue increase
About this Project

Contributing more than 45% of sales, Google Ads is a crucial channel to Wild Poppies.

With an ever-moving target, maintaining and optimising Google Ads campaigns is an omni-present task. Over time, it’s important that every Google Ads campaign returns a high sustainable RoAS.

Tactics from the past agency had obviously taken no account of CPA (Cost per Acquisition) metrics and applying what we thought are the most basic of Google Ad principles reaped a 50% decrease in the Cost per Acquisition – we moved the RoAS from a dismal 3:1 to 6:1 within weeks – essentially doubling revenue from Google Ads while spending the same budget.

10% Annual Sales Growth

The backbone of Wild Poppies growth has been developing a stronger website. We can encourage all the traffic we want with Google Ads and SEO, but if we can’t get users to convert then we are wasting that advertising.

Heatmaps and user testing proved valuable in the Wild Poppies website redesign. Navigation bottle necks where improved and we worked hard on UX to ensure a visitor can add an item to cart within 2-3 clicks.

We made it easier for Wild Poppies customers to choose and leave gift messages. We developed a bespoke system to choose delivery timing and costs based on the current time of day and delivery location. We deployed every effort to streamline the users flow from Homepage to payment.

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The Wild Poppies site is integrated with payments, email marketing, marketing automation.

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