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Our team of web designers and developers are passionate about creating high quality, high performing digital experiences that turn your web design into a marketing machine to get long-lasting, tangible results for your business.

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Because we’re focused on building your business, we can guarantee a better return for your website design investment.

Creative Website Development

Business Focused
Auckland Web Design

Because we start by considering how you could attract visitors, nurture leads and sell more, we’ll design your website to do just that.

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Conversion Optimised Website Design

Every page of your website should be focused on a goal – telling your story, making a sale, getting a lead – we’ll make your website conversion focused.

Website Development

A Search Engine Optimised Website

No point having a fancy website if no one can find you. We make all our websites highly visible to Google through clever SEO and engaging content.

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Providing web design in Auckland, we drive persistent growth for ambitious companies here.

Our team of web designers, developers and growth strategists are passionate about creating high quality, high performing digital experiences that turn your website into a marketing machine that gets long-lasting, tangible results for your business.

Whether you need a new website or want to improve an existing one, we approach each web design project with originality and imagination. The results are high quality websites that are easy to navigate and will work well across desktop, tablet or phone screen formats.

Our methodology encourages design innovation, an engaging user experience and a focus on call-to-action and conversion – if your website design doesn’t evoke a response, change an opinion or get a sale, then what’s the point?

Why choose Engage for your Auckland Web Design Project?

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Integrated Growth Marketing

We’ll build your website and integrate it with a solid digital strategy for even better results.

Search Engine Optimised

Every one of our websites comes with SEO – its critical to your website exposure so therefore its fundamental to our process.

Mobile Friendly Design

Over 50% of your website traffic could be using a smart phone or tablet – we’ll make sure their experience is optimised.

Experienced Digital Team

We’ve been building brands, adverts, promotions and websites since 2002. Our experience and capabilities are second to none.

30 Day Guarantee

We stand behind everything we build – if it doesn’t answer the website brief we’ll put it right, guaranteed.

Customer Service

Whether you are with us for a one-off project or for our ongoing digital marketing services, we’ll assign a dedicated account manager.

Our Website Design Process

The way we go about designing and developing a website ensures a disciplined yet creative result. 

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Perhaps the most important part of any website project is defining the client’s requirements.

Dependent on the size of the project, Planning & Research will include completing a detailed brief and specifying the Information Architecture and UX (User Experience). This Phase is also where the bulk of the Copywriting happens.

The Creative Phase is of course where we let the web designers loose. It’s important that the client’s visual identity and brand positioning is clearly represented in the design.

It’s also vital that User Experience, Call-to-Action prompts and Return-on-Investment considerations are built into this design phase.

Our Web Developers and Programmers take over in this phase. Work here involves interpreting the web design into HTML code – that’s often referred to as Markup.

It also involves adding all the special movements and actions that happen on screen (usually JavaScript). Backend Development tasks might include database setup, Content Management System updates and server administration.

Our calibration phase includes content population, revision and alterations, and testing. Checking browser compatibility and Responsive Design (mobile-friendly) are important parts of this phase, as are speed checks and SEO factors.

We test and debug overall functionality. Only then are we ready to make final adjustments to the server setup and push the Go Live button!

Our Integrated Digital Marketing Services

Bespoke Web Development

Our experienced developers can create a robust and bespoke website or app, whether you’re starting out or looking for innovative ideas!

Marketing Automation

Marketing Automation handles the repetitive tasks efficiently – engaging and interacting with leads and customers on auto-pilot.

Web Design Auckland

Looking to build a new website or transform an existing one that isn’t performing? We create engaging websites that offer the best in user experiences.

Growth Marketing

Our exclusive methodology for strengthening brand pillars, optimising the sales funnel and automating for efficiencies will drive results.

Ecommerce Websites

Our Ecommerce websites are feature-rich and conversion optimised, providing the integrations needed to grow your online business.


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Looking for a Top Website Design Company in Auckland?

We’re an experienced website design and development agency that can help you get the website of your dreams. From small business websites to large corporate sites, we have the skillset for any project. Our team is made up of talented designers and developers who are passionate about what they do.

If you want a custom-designed site that will make your company stand out online, then contact us today! We’ll be happy to discuss how we can help take your business to new heights through digital marketing strategies like SEO or PPC campaigns.

Our team is made up of designers, developers and strategists who all share the same goal – to help your business grow online by providing beautiful websites that convert visitors into customers. With over 15 years experience in digital marketing, we know what works best for businesses like yours.

We’re the experts in web design, development, hosting and site-speed optimisation. Our managed hosting service means your website will always be running at peak performance – so you can focus on what matters most to you.

With our help, your site will load faster than ever before. And we’ll make sure it stays that way for years to come with regular maintenance checks and updates from our team of experts.

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We provide business website design, website hosting and maintenance, search engine optimisation, and website management and support, to small and medium size businesses.

With more than 20 years in the digital industry, we know how to design the perfect website for your business and how to put together a strategy that will help your business grow. We build websites that genuinely bring in more leads and sales.

We offer free website quotes and consultations, to ensure we understand your needs before any form of commitment.

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Web Design in Auckland FAQs

Understanding what to look for in a website design company is crucial; the decision you make can have a significant impact on the online success of your organisation. We recommend hiring an established web design agency with a large portfolio of websites and a track record of dealing with businesses similar to yours. Examine internet reviews to see how satisfied clients have been with the company’s services

An excellent website accomplishes the objectives for which it was created. An eCommerce website, for example, should drive sales. A good website should also be easy to use, have a quick load time, be visually appealing, be mobile friendly, and provide a personalised user experience.

Mobile optimisation is the act of modifying your website’s content so that users who access the site via mobile devices enjoy an experience that is tailored to their device. Optimized information smoothly flows between desktop and mobile devices, providing the user with an exceptional experience.

CMS stands for Content Management System. The most popular CMS is WordPress accounting for 35% of all websites globally. A content management system makes it easier for website owners to update and add website pages and sections within pages. Its particularly useful for ecommerce sites where products can be added and updated following numerous predefined fields and attributes. Content Management Systems make it easier to manage image libraries, blog posts, case studies and forms.
Other popular Content Management Systems include Magento.

We recommend choosing a CMS that is open source like WordPress, Craft or Magento or a well-supported platform like Shopify. That way you’re not bound to an agency system that isn’t transferable or is poorly supported.

A landing page is the page a visitor first lands on when visiting your website.

The landing page link may have been clicked from a promotional source like Google Ads, YouTube or Facebook post. It may have been highlighted in an email campaign or from a ranking page on Google.

A common mistake is to send PPC traffic to a general home page rather than a purpose-built landing page focused on a single focus or conversion goal (also referred to as a Call to Action (CTA).

Landing pages often have the goal of capturing a lead by offering high value content offer (HVCO), like an informative eBook, discount offer, free demo or consultation offer.

The length of time to build your website will depend on a number of factors. Even a single page site or landing page may take 1-2 weeks when the proper design and development processes are accounted for: briefing, writing, keyword research, design concepts and final designs, development setup and coding, content migration, testing and debugging.

A small, well-considered website with 5-10 pages is likely to take 4-6 weeks.

A more complex website with special development features or bespoke ecommerce requirements could take 12 weeks or more.

Absolutely. Our designs, developers and project managers will be there for you every step of the way. We can provide training for you to use your Content Management System and we’re certainly always available to help develop new content and special features.

We can host your website on our high-speed robust servers. We can maintain and upgrade your website systems and applications. We can protect you from nasty hackers and website attacks.

And we can discuss your business marketing needs with a bespoke suite of growth marketing services.

Designing and developing a great website is just the start.

We provide a host of business promotional services under our exclusive Growth Marketing framework. From strengthening your brand pillars like brand design and your value proposition; to optimising our sales funnel. We can help with SEO, Google Ads, marketing automation, social media or blog writing.

Check out some of those Growth Marketing services here.

We don’t do slap up website jobs! The templated site from the overseas jobs website rarely delivers the growth results the small, medium and corporate clients we deal with require. So, after applying a methodical web design process that is more guaranteed to breed exceptional results, the sites that we build cost just a little more…
  • Small sites and landing pages $1200 to $5000
  • Medium sized sites ready for growth tactics $5,000 to $15,000
  • Ecommerce sites optimised for online growth $10,000 to $25,000
  • Enterprise sites with custom developed features and integrations $20,000 to $50,000 plus

For us a good website starts with a great brief.

Check out and download our website design planner here. Its full of questions and direction to get you off to the best possible start.

Design Briefing

Do you have a website brief that lays out your objectives and content for each page? Is it designer-ready or do we need to embellish it with creative headlines and design direction? A great brief is worth its weight in gold and the time required to put a strong one together should not be underestimated!

Website Copy

Will you be supplying all the website copy, or do you want our professional copywriters to assist? 

Website Images

Do you have a library of images we can use on your website, or can we help with in-house or outsourced photography? Can we achieve what you desire with stock images?

Our team are always ready to help. Just give us a call and we can answer your questions, or our developers can fix your website.

Yes, we do. We produce bespoke websites with highly specialised features and applications for New Zealand businesses.

We can also discuss excellent software-as-a-service websites like Shopify.

Let’s work on this, together.

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