180% Increase in Online
Quotes for Floorwise

Key Metrics
Increase in Online Quotes
Increase in Online Sales in 60 days
About this Project

Flooring products like carpet or vinyl are not something you buy on a website at first sight – there’s a longer sales journey with more touch points required for a product that is expensive and at some point, you need to see.
Floorwise tasked us with redeveloping their ecommerce website, expanding on their detailed quoting system, and developing quote and order tools that could be used by store staff, area agents and tradespeople.
The feature set included multi-level Buyer groups with their own pricing levels for product and installation costs. The ability for store staff to sign in and use the website as their central quoting tool, with the ability to reallocate quotes to other stores and create new customer accounts.
Shopping rules were further complicated by the need to accept deposit payments and integrate with accounting systems so that balances appeared on customers’ accounts.
Among other classified features, the site also automatically sends sample requests to relevant manufacturers for direct delivery to customers.

180% Increase in Online Quotes Received

While full ecommerce functions are important features of this site the North Star Metric is in fact the number of quotes received – this is the start of lead nurturing and store staff direct contact with customers. Quotes received almost doubled within a short 2-month period. Certainly, the website UI and design are key contributors to this result but rebuilding the website on Silverstripe CMS enabled our developers to build a purpose-built ecommerce experience from the ground up rather than relying on the cumbersome legacy Magento quoting extension.

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Floorwise briefed Engage Digital to build an app-like ecommerce store that could integrate into quoting, inventory, manufacturer sampling and accounting.

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