NZ Breakers rally members behind their team

The Challenge

As the design agency for the New Zealand Breakers we were called to design components to attract sponsors, corporate memberships, and returning and new members. Our collateral had to sell the amazing energy and spectacle that is the NZ Breakers.

About This Project

NZ Breakers Membership Booklet Design
Our Approach

We had to underpin all the fantastic benefits our stakeholders get when joining the wonderful NZ Breakers community.  All along with an eye on the goal of ultimately increasing ticket sales to their action-packed home games, we took an approach of including creative campaigns and brochures.

The brochure had to sell the benefits of the entertainment and energy of the breakers brand, so our design team got creative to include point-of-scale graphics, and functional aspects outlining the specifications and pricing behind the sponsorship offers.

The dynamic design, rich imagery, and bold text on the headlines was an approach that ensured viewers would immediately be captivated by the Breakers offering.

NZ Breakers Brochure Design

We listened carefully to the brand and through applying logic, simplicity, and intelligence the results have been phenomenal.

As a result, the breakers had a 39% increase in memberships and subscriptions in just over 4 short months. The brand has been recognised by over 1 million people and the weekly page views are up by 65%. The business is thriving!

NZ Breakers Brand Collateral Design

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