Sharp Corporation of NZ

Website development for the effortless flow of information

The Challenge

Given a decision by Sharp Australia to rebuild their independent website, Sharp NZ were required to redevelop a New Zealand version.

With the understanding that Sharp’s historical brand recognition deserved to be continued with modern users in mind, Engage rose to the challenge to give the website some much needed TLC.

About This Project

Responsive Website Development
Our Approach

For this project, we’ve recreated the existing website on a new framework to provide Sharp an editable marketing platform. Much of the content remained the same, but we upgraded the design and layout to reflect a style that will be relevant for the coming 3-4 years.

This project doesn’t include a wholesale change to Sharp advertising/promotional graphics but the approach of applying a fresh layout and typography influences an update to the Sharp look.

We also included a new CMS more user-friendly platform – in terms of updates and providing seamless flexibility to the user for marketing purposes, removing many unnecessary steps currently being taken by internal CMS users.

Sharp Website – Responsive Design

The redevelopment brings about a number of positives, reducing website downtime and tailoring the site to New Zealand sales and marketing requirements.

The launch was met with a phenomenal response, bringing the website bounce rate down by 64% and increasing the average pages per session to 32.50%. This shows that people are engaged more than before, finding exactly what they need seamlessly.

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