Coming up Roses for Wild Poppies

The Challenge

Taking over from a previous respected digital media agency is always a little nerve racking but seeing glaring holes in their online advertising and Google AdWords Strategy we took up the challenge to promise “more business for your business” at Wild Poppies.

About This Project

  • 01 Responsive Website Design
  • 02 UI/UX Design
  • 03 Website Development
Our Approach

With the stunning imagery provided by the florist, Engage designed a website that exposed all the beautiful gifts and blooms Wild Poppies offers.

Our approach conducted thorough keyword and competitor research to build out new intelligent AdWords campaigns highlighting the selling points of Wild Poppies and attract new customers.

For us, the website navigation was of utmost importance for this project. When it comes to the customer journey, it should be simple and easy for a user to understand and purchase. Our design team worked hard to build a user-friendly system that enabled customers to purchase blooms with simplicity and ease.

The objective was to help shoppers get to what they want faster and without running into unnecessary complexity that can clog up the path to purchase.


Building on this success we’ve jointly developed an ongoing marketing plan, rich with inventive steps that concentrate on growing traffic from more and more sources, engaging and nurturing prospects, rewarding loyal customers with reward points, and ever-improving conversion rates at all points of the buyer’s journey.

For us, it’s a fluid marketing plan of continual improvement, where KPIs are monitored weekly so that, as resources allow, current promotional tactics are optimised and new avenues are explored.


Let’s grow your business together.