GDM Retail System

Tranforming Innovative Designs into Reality with a Lead-Gen Website

The Challenge

Working closely with project developers and clients, GDM designs and builds customised innovative displays, fixtures and furniture for Super Stores & Specialty Retail, Hotel & Commercial.

At GDM, the work is made to transform ideas and designs into reality.

With their line-up of amazing services ready to be shared in the digital land, Engage took on the challenge to create a compelling site that ensured GDM positioned its brand, credibility, and information to further improve their business.

About This Project

Our Approach

Being an award-winning designer and manufacturer B2B Business, it’s important to maintain strong relationships with key clients and develop relationships with new prospects. We put into consideration the types of users who would be using the site creating an approach that ensured the website worked as equally smooth on all devices.

When you make it easier for users to see parts of your site most relevant to them, it’s likely to increase their chances of having a good user experience and continuing their relationship with your brand. For that reason, an emphasis was put on the positioning of GDM’s bespoke project portfolio.


The result was a functional clean design, providing valuable content, case studies, and company information. GDM’s work was transformed into reality with a high-quality video display on the home landing page to highlight their craftsmanship and bring their design to life. Special attention was given to Responsive Design layout given the percentage of visitors using mobile.

Since coming on board with Engage Digital, there has been a steady 25% increase in organic visitors finding their way each month to the GDM website. The website has been receiving over 1000+ unique visitors and has seen a 30% decrease in the average bounce rate in comparison to 2019. It’s a win-win!

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