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Rheem New Zealand challenged us to develop a website that could cope with their complex product structure but deliver a admin system that their marketing staff could control. Conventional website frameworks would have become unweidly in no time but Silverstripe gave us the flexibility to deliver a bespoke CMS system from the ground up.

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Trade-first Considerations

Given 86% of visitors to the website are tradepeople (plumbers and electricians), wholesalers and retailers, it was paramount that the site served their needs.

A MyRheem Pro portal provides gated access to trade information and protected technical files. The registration process gathers key details allowing Rheem to provide personalised information to numerous trade segments and buying groups. Product deals and promotional details can be provided in a tradesperson’s personalised portal area, through email or mobile SMS.

Personalised customer information is fed to automated marketing systems including email marketing and online promotion.

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Rheem Trade Portal Website Development
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Trade-first Considerations

While the end result is a website that’s easy to navigate, no matter the stakeholder group you belong to, the project belies a complex database structure delivering tailored information to each group. Of utmost importance to the Rheem marketing team was a website asset that they could effectively manage internally.

We delivered that through a bespoke Silverstripe Content Management System that gave our developers the control and flexibility to craft a product category structure that could handle specific attribute sets and multiple resources.

The complex product-database structure ultimately allowed for relatively easy deployment of many other features including Product Comparison, Product Selectors and Warranty Claim automation.

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