Rheem New Zealand

Rheem NZ delivers crucial product information to trade

The Challenge

The Rheem brand is an iconic one. Apart of the worldwide Rheem family, Rheem New Zealand continues to remain at the forefront of manufacturing techniques in and for the New Zealand market.

As the website development partner for Rheem New Zealand, we’ve helped this iconic brand upgrade their website for the growing needs of their wholesale and retail merchants, plumbers, product specifiers and consumers.

About This Project

  • 01 Responsive Website Design
  • 02 UI/UX Design
  • 03 Website Development
Our Approach

We proposed a structured, creatively designed and professional written website that will better position the Rheem brand and drive response, enquiries and sales.

Our approach included Responsive Design that works equally as strong on desktop and mobile, alongside including improvements to design, navigation, and trade information.

While the end result is a website that’s easy to navigate, no matter the stakeholder group you belong to, the project belies a complex database structure delivering tailored information to each group. Of utmost importance to the Rheem marketing team was a website asset that they could effectively manage internally.

We delivered that through a bespoke Silverstripe Content Management System that gave our developers the control and flexibility to craft a product category structure that could handle specific attribute sets and multiple resources.

Rheem NZ

The complex product-database structure ultimately allowed for relatively easy deployment of many other features including Product Comparison, Product Selectors and Warranty Claim automation.

Rheem NZ

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