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About this project

We promised The Wild Bunch, a specialist florist studio in the upmarket Auckland suburb of Remuera, that we could take their modest online presence and scale it up to a true flower delivery ecommerce icon; and that’s exactly what we’re doing.

The project commenced with a redesign of their website and well, it will never end… our growth marketing methods have included SEO groundwork that have taken them from oblivion to position 2 on Google within 6 weeks, marketing automation backed marketing continues to introduce new opportunities and there’s so much more to come…

Our services

The Wild Bunch Website Design
Ultra Smooth Checkout for CRO

Flower delivery ecommerce stores are not like normal online stores; for starters, 98% of items are being delivered to someone else, we’re dealing with a fresh and perishable product, delivery isn’t always reuired ASAP but on a certain date, and 78% of orders include a message card, phew, shall i go on…

So we had to build a checkout system that took all of that on board but made the complex configurations, seem simple and innuitive for the customer. At the same time, encouraging them to become a Wild Bunch VIP and earn reeward points every time they shopped with us.

Conversion rate optimisation figures have sky-rocketed – from a dismill 6% of visitors completing their purchase, to a whooping 16% with still room for improvement.

Wild Bunch Ecommerce Optimised Checkout
Wild Bunch Ecommerce Development Product
Ecommerce Optimised for Mobile

Our mobile phone is the device we all have at our disposal all the time, and as browsers, screen sizes and the overall user’s experience (UX) improves we’re just going to use it more and more.

So, not surprising that The Wild Bunch’s mobile usage is over 60% of devices used. Therefore the mobile experience had to be seamless with fast load speeds and intuitive navigation.

We’ve applied extra special attention to the way our website performs on mobile and it shows in strong mobile traffic figures and conversion rates. No doubt it will contuinue to get more attention with our continuous growth marketing improvements

Growth Marketing drives continuous improvements through the entire Sales Funnel

While the end result is a website that’s easy to navigate, no matter the stakeholder group you belong to, the project belies a complex database structure delivering tailored information to each group. Of utmost importance to the Rheem marketing team was a website asset that they could effectively manage internally.

The complex product-database structure ultimately allowed for relatively easy deployment of many other features including Product Comparison, Product Selectors and Warranty Claim automation

Client Growth Marketing Idealog
Project Outcomes

Working with The Wild Bunch team has been like a perfect storm (in a good way). Under our monthly subscription-based growth marketing model we’ve had the freedom, albeit to targeted KPIs, to build a beautiful conversion-optimised ecommerce website from the ground up and gradually apply innovative functions, lead-gen and promotional tactics.

Brand positioning, search engine optimisation and paid advertising have provided strong early wins – to be followed by development of our rewards programme, email marketing and social media marketing.

Our Growth Idealog is overflowing with great ideas for improvement which provides us an abundance of further continuous experiments to deploy and test, all provided under a results-focused Growth Marketing Services (GMS) monthly subscription plan.

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