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Plan B ups the digital ante to generate leads​

The Challenge

Plan B became New Zealand’s most recognised business continuity specialist because they invested in technology and provided innovative solutions and workflows.

Plan B came to Engage to take that professional, contemporary positioning through to their website. Their previous website was showing its age and wasn’t providing the leads expected from their inbound marketing.

About This Project

Targeted Landing Pages
Our Approach

Our approach was to design a website that reflected Plan B’s professional brand positioning and make them stand out from the others in the notoriously competitive industry.

We needed to make a website that is easy to understand by everyone.

We clarified their Value Proposition to a medium to large enterprise business market, amplified their product and service offering through news, case studies and testimonials, and future-proofed the site for further layering of features including lead generation and marketing automation.

Landing Page Optimisation

We delivered all that and more – the Plan B website was developed using Craft CMS to provide a user-friendly CMS. Craft was built to be exceptionably scalable, to the point that even its own feature set can adapt to the scope of the project.

Our programmer ensured that the front-end and back-end code was pristine, ensuring that customers had good user experience is crucial to generate leads driving customers through the funnel and without any loss of function or experience.

The end result is a fast loading modern website optimised for search and ready for generating leads and building more business for Plan B.

Plan B B2B Website Marketing

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