Specialised E-commerce Development & Marketing 

A paratonic shift in digital commerce & marketing

In these challenging times, we’re offering an end-to-end website solution AND a regular marketing machine that can sky-rocket your e-commerce business.

All with NO upfront website development costs.
All for an affordable set monthly fee.

It’s designed for specialised markets and products, where:

  • Customers can purchase frequently, at low costs.
  • Bespoke features; shopping carts, rewards, integrations are likely.
  • Regular marketing will have a noticeable impact.

Subscribe to a stunning new e-commerce website and commerce marketing that will catapult your sales.

Like an orchestra without a conductor, an ecommerce-led website without the proper marketing just won’t fire. Our focus is building specialised commerce websites, tuned with innovative digital marketing that will be music to your customers.

Attracting more visitors, compelling more engagement and ultimately driving more sales
– all for one affordable monthly fee starting from $2,500/mo

Some of the Markets it is great for

Flower Delivery Ecommerce
Flower & Gift E-commerce
Wine & Beer Online
Wine & Beer Online
Health & Supplements
Health & Supplements
Speciality Grocery Online
Speciality Grocery Online
Day Spas & Spa Products
Day Spas & Spa Products

We’re Platform Agnostic 

Bespoke E-commerce Solutions

Templates seldom cut it for us. We’re building commerce websites and business growth solutions to match our client, not the masses.

We take an agnostic approach to website platforms and marketing applications so that our client’s needs are first and foremost.

Magento-2 Ecommerce Development

As Magento partners we build on platforms that have core commerce systems built in but allow for infinite development options. Robust, transferable, scalable ecommerce.

WooCommerce Website Development

WordPress’ commerce solution is approachable and affordable. In the developer’s hands its pliable. For content marketers its highly accessible.

Shopify Website Development

As Shopify partners we can provide a rapid yet flexible store builder that can increase conversions and sales and integrate with inventory, logistics and marketing tools.

Big-Commerce Development

With many desirable marketing features built in, BigCommerce can boost your store’s growth. And with API access it’s a developers integration dream.

Sharp New Zealand

Effortless flow
of information

Rheem New Zealand

Digital tools
for the trade

NZCU Auckland

Putting the personal
into lending

NZ Breakers

Rally members
behind their team

A Sales Growth Focus

Supercharged E-commerce Marketing

What sets us apart is the ability to take your commerce website asset and make it sing.

Results take effort. You’ll need to attract visitors, talk social, engage with leads, improve UX and conversion, build loyalty and drive sales.

We can help with that.

Marketing Planning

Build it and they will come? Nah, you need to attract, communicate and promote. That’s where our strategy, idealogs and weekly and monthly planning tools come into play.

Ecommerce Rewards Programme
Lead-gen & Loyalty

If you want people to do something, you need to provide value or reward them. That’s how our lead-gen offers and loyalty apps work to build lists or increase sales.

Marketing Automation

The preeminent commerce marketing tools that we deploy focus on sales growth. For us, marketing automation, CRM and email marketing apps, form a rarefied digital commerce base.

Google Ads Optimisation
Google Ads

Our relationships cross numerous attraction marketing channels. But they often include Google Ads to bring in purchase intent customers at their point of search.

Search Engine Optimisation

SEO’s first role is to improve organic search and to get on ‘page one’. But we use the inherit keyword focus to strengthen content writing, makes Google Ads efficient and more.

Facebook Social Media Management
Social Media

If your commerce business is to thrive it has to come alive outside of just your website. Social media enables personalised connections in so many more places.

What we do

E-commerce + Growth Marketing

Through our inhouse and remote teams we provide a full suite of Digital Commerce and Growth Marketing services.

With an Ecommerce-as-a-Service monthly subscription, we can provide a new website and state-of-the-art growth marketing to drive traffic, engagemment and sales, from as little as $2,500/mo.

No upfront website development fees. No cap-ex.
Just results-focused e-commerce + growth marketing.

It’s the area that sets us apart. We’re prolific planners and thinkers. The effort that we put into detailing value propositions or brainstorming ideas pays major dividends later on. Every marketing particle from that moment forth resonates stronger and more effectively.

Value Proposition Workshops
Automation & Segmentation
Website Audits
Competitor Analysis
SEO & Keyword Research
Campaign Management

Creative is so important to us. Its expresses and positions the brand. It improves UX and conversion. It compels your audience to act with the click of an advert or through the ease of a transaction.

User Journey Mapping
Wireframing and Storyboards
Website and Application Design
Mobile / Desktop Responsive Design
Advert and Email Design

Often our developers are the unsung heroes of our work. They are the meat in the sandwich. Without their precision and cleverness our ideas and designs wouldn’t make it to the table. And they certainly wouldn’t be as palatable or workable or effective.

System Architecture
Website Development
Application Development
Commerce Integrations & Extensions

Technology ignites our deliverables. It makes the impossible doable and affordable. We’re partners with leading marketing platforms from Google, marketing automation to loyalty. We supercharge Commerce systems including Magento, Shopify and WooCommerce.

e-Commerce Websites
Marketing Automation
Live Chat, Bots, Loyalty
Inventory, Logistics Integration

Our work would be pointless without an end goal. Our unwavering focus on the KPIs that matter, means that our projects and campaigns are deliver measurable results
Analytics and Dashboards

Website Audit & SEO Reports
A/B Split Testing
Speed and Heatmap Reports
Automated & Personalised Reporting

Let’s grow your e-commerce together

Sharp Corporation of NZ

Website development for the effortless flow of information

The Challenge

Given a decision by Sharp Australia to rebuild their independent website, Sharp NZ were required to redevelop a New Zealand version.

With the understanding that Sharp’s historical brand recognition deserved to be continued with modern users in mind, Engage rose to the challenge to give the website some much needed TLC.

About This Project

  • 01 Responsive Website Design
  • 02 UI/UX Design
  • 03 Website Development
Responsive Website Development
Our Approach

For this project, we’ve recreated the existing website on a new framework to provide Sharp an editable marketing platform. Much of the content remained the same, but we upgraded the design and layout to reflect a style that will be relevant for the coming 3-4 years.

This project doesn’t include a wholesale change to Sharp advertising/promotional graphics but the approach of applying a fresh layout and typography influences an update to the Sharp look.

We also included a new CMS more user-friendly platform – in terms of updates and providing seamless flexibility to the user for marketing purposes, removing many unnecessary steps currently being taken by internal CMS users.

Sharp Website – Responsive Design

The redevelopment brings about a number of positives, reducing website downtime and tailoring the site to New Zealand sales and marketing requirements.

The launch was met with a phenomenal response, bringing the website bounce rate down by 64% and increasing the average pages per session to 32.50%. This shows that people are engaged more than before, finding exactly what they need seamlessly.

GDM Retail System

Tranforming Innovative Designs into Reality with a Lead-Gen Website

The Challenge

Working closely with project developers and clients, GDM designs and builds customised innovative displays, fixtures and furniture for Super Stores & Specialty Retail, Hotel & Commercial.

At GDM, the work is made to transform ideas and designs into reality.

With their line-up of amazing services ready to be shared in the digital land, Engage took on the challenge to create a compelling site that ensured GDM positioned its brand, credibility, and information to further improve their business.

About This Project

  • 01 Responsive Website Design
  • 02 UI/UX Design
  • 03 Website Development
Our Approach

Being an award-winning designer and manufacturer B2B Business, it’s important to maintain strong relationships with key clients and develop relationships with new prospects. We put into consideration the types of users who would be using the site creating an approach that ensured the website worked as equally smooth on all devices.

When you make it easier for users to see parts of your site most relevant to them, it’s likely to increase their chances of having a good user experience and continuing their relationship with your brand. For that reason, an emphasis was put on the positioning of GDM’s bespoke project portfolio.


The result was a functional clean design, providing valuable content, case studies, and company information. GDM’s work was transformed into reality with a high-quality video display on the home landing page to highlight their craftsmanship and bring their design to life. Special attention was given to Responsive Design layout given the percentage of visitors using mobile.

Since coming on board with Engage Digital, there has been a steady 25% increase in organic visitors finding their way each month to the GDM website. The website has been receiving over 1000+ unique visitors and has seen a 30% decrease in the average bounce rate in comparison to 2019. It’s a win-win!

Lead Generation Website

Sudburys providing more proactive advice for their clients

The Challenge

The challenge with many service businesses is to take the conversation from being “about us” to a true customer-centric position – Sudbury’s listened.

On the surface, professional service websites can be boring and repetitive, with little room for differentiation. We took on the challenge to write, design and develop the Sudbury’s website.

About This Project

  • 01 Responsive Website Design
  • 02 UI/UX Design
  • 03 Website Development
Website Development for Sudburys
Our Approach

With the stakeholders fully supportive of the move to talk about their customers and the outcomes they wanted from their accounting and financial advisory firm, rather than the “this is what we do and how we do it” rhetoric normally pushed by professional service websites our approach was aimed at changing the way customers would recognise the dedicated team.

As opposed to over-complicating things and losing potential users, our approach entailed simplicity, ensuring that the website clearly encapsulated the company’s skills.

Sudburys Digital Marketing

The result was a radical departure from the old, into a contemporary website design that graphically displays that Sudbury’s are leading edge within their industry.

While covering the services that Sudbury’s provide, the site talks in end-customer terms, demonstrating the benefits they can get from working with Sudburys. The Blog and Case Study setup allows the business to add more and more evidence of their results-orientated customer focus.

Website Design Agency – Engage Digital

Website Design

Altus Intelligence, leading the UAS industry with advanced data systems

The Challenge

The Altus Intelligence product is a story about amazing Kiwi ingenuity to build a robust aerial data capture platform. But the visually titillating drones they build are only part of the story.

Now that they have these highly stable flying platforms, Altus have revolutionised the capture of data – more accuracy, wider flying tolerances, more hi-resolution data and considerable faster collection times.

About This Project

  • 01 Responsive Website Design
  • 02 UI/UX Design
  • 03 Website Development
Altus Website Design by Engage
Our Approach

We helped Altus take their advanced UAS systems to the world with a redesigned website that attracts visitors and captures leads.

Altus mobile website design auckland

We listened carefully to the brand and through applying logic, simplicity, and intelligence the results have been phenomenal.

As a result, the breakers had a 39% increase in memberships and subscriptions in just over 4 short months. The brand has been recognised by over 1 million people and the weekly page views are up by 65%. The business is thriving!

Altus Intelligence Website Design Agency


NZ Breakers rally members behind their team

The Challenge

As the design agency for the New Zealand Breakers we were called to design components to attract sponsors, corporate memberships, and returning and new members. Our collateral had to sell the amazing energy and spectacle that is the NZ Breakers.

About This Project

  • 01 Responsive Website Design
  • 02 UI/UX Design
  • 03 Website Development
NZ Breakers Membership Booklet Design
Our Approach

We had to underpin all the fantastic benefits our stakeholders get when joining the wonderful NZ Breakers community.  All along with an eye on the goal of ultimately increasing ticket sales to their action-packed home games, we took an approach of including creative campaigns and brochures.

The brochure had to sell the benefits of the entertainment and energy of the breakers brand, so our design team got creative to include point-of-scale graphics, and functional aspects outlining the specifications and pricing behind the sponsorship offers.

The dynamic design, rich imagery, and bold text on the headlines was an approach that ensured viewers would immediately be captivated by the Breakers offering.

NZ Breakers Brochure Design

We listened carefully to the brand and through applying logic, simplicity, and intelligence the results have been phenomenal.

As a result, the breakers had a 39% increase in memberships and subscriptions in just over 4 short months. The brand has been recognised by over 1 million people and the weekly page views are up by 65%. The business is thriving!

NZ Breakers Brand Collateral Design

B2B Website Development

NZCU Auckland ups the digital ante to generate loan applications

The Challenge

There was a time when credit unions might be considered old-school – not anymore. NZCU Auckland knew it was time to break the mould for the way their website design positioned them in the market. NZCU challenged Engage to position them more in tune with their banking and personal loan markets. 

About This Project

  • 01 Responsive Website Design
  • 02 UI/UX Design
  • 03 Website Development
Our Approach

Our approach was a fully copy rewrite that explained what was in it for the customer rather than talking about only the “us”.

Alongside Image-rich design that is warm and friendly while in keeping with NZCU’s binding brand identity, a heavy focus was put on crafting interactive tools and lead-gen forms to contact NZCU.

A heavy focus was put on Responsive Design to improve conversion from our large mobile-only market.

NZCU Auckland Website Development by Engage Digital
Loan Application Optimised for Conversion

Fully reworked Loan Application forms removed any roadblocks and reduced abandonment form applications improving NZCU’s bounce rate by a staggering 58%.

With a mission to build Responsive Design, conversions rose significantly from our large mobile-only market. The new interactive and responsive website is just the beginning. NZCU regonise it as their base asset for measuring and improving KPIS from all their off-line and digital marketing efforts. 

It’s permitting them to improve AdWords effectiveness, drive conversion-optimisation through better form management and layering on Marketing Automation campaigns that nurture prospects and convert customers. 

NZCU Auckland – Conversion Rate Optimisation
B2B Website Development 

Plan B ups the digital ante to generate leads​

The Challenge

Plan B became New Zealand’s most recognised business continuity specialist because they invested in technology and provided innovative solutions and workflows.

Plan B came to Engage to take that professional, contemporary positioning through to their website. Their previous website was showing its age and wasn’t providing the leads expected from their inbound marketing.

About This Project

  • 01 Responsive Website Design
  • 02 UI/UX Design
  • 03 Website Development
Targeted Landing Pages
Our Approach

Our approach was to design a website that reflected Plan B’s professional brand positioning and make them stand out from the others in the notoriously competitive industry.

We needed to make a website that is easy to understand by everyone.

We clarified their Value Proposition to a medium to large enterprise business market, amplified their product and service offering through news, case studies and testimonials, and future-proofed the site for further layering of features including lead generation and marketing automation.

Landing Page Optimisation

We delivered all that and more – the Plan B website was developed using Craft CMS to provide a user-friendly CMS. Craft was built to be exceptionably scalable, to the point that even its own feature set can adapt to the scope of the project.

Our programmer ensured that the front-end and back-end code was pristine, ensuring that customers had good user experience is crucial to generate leads driving customers through the funnel and without any loss of function or experience.

The end result is a fast loading modern website optimised for search and ready for generating leads and building more business for Plan B.

Plan B B2B Website Marketing

Lead Generator Plan 

Drive keen-to-buy leads to your website.

Our Lead Generation Plan drives traffic to your website and converts those visitors to leads. It focuses on the fundamentals: SEO, Google Ads and Conversion-optimised Landing Pages.

Grow your sales with Growth Marketing

We help our clients make more money through transformation growth marketing plans.

More Traffic. More Leads. More Conversions. More Sales.

B2B Marketing


Targeted Traffic

From visitors searching for your solution on Google to highly-targeted audiences on Facebook and Instagram. Our optimised advertising campaigns bring clicks more likely to turn into sales.

Content Marketing

Customised Lead
Generation System

We engineer and hand build a system to turn your traffic into ready-to-buy leads. Our team of writers, designers and developers will create and optimise all your assets including special landing pages and lead magnets.


Sales and

ROI Focused

We implement growth marketing tactics that are continually tracked and optimised. Split testing the best options, updating Ads, enhancing SEO, and a laser focus on driving your sales and revenue.

Tap into Powerful Resources Tailored for Lead Generation…

Traffic Traffic Traffic
The key to this plan is more keen-to-buy traffic. We work on bringing you the traffic with the highest intent to convert.
Retarget the Interested
Remarketing ads on Google and Facebook are brilliantly clever ways to preach to the almost converted.
Value Orientated Costs
From digital ads to CRO work, we usually charge less than 10% of ad spend. With an eye on the lowest Cost-per-Acquisition
Landing Page Design
Creating landing pages that get visitors to engage and convert is no mean feat. Our copywriters and designers know how to.
Complete Ownership
Everything we create is yours. Google Ads, lead magnets, special landing pages, analytics accounts; they’re all yours.
Social Advertising
We’ll also put you in front of Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn audiences; whatever works best for your brand.
Call Tracking
We need to track everything. Clicks, page visits and purchases are important. And so are tracking calls from the website.
Custom Reporting
We’ll provide all your marketing stats in one place. Traffic, leads, conversions and sales. In your inbox every Monday.
Conversion Tools
Analytics, audits, backlinks, heatmaps, landing page, popup stats and more. We'll use these tools to grow your business.

Customise a Digital Marketing Subscription Plan to match your goals

Lead Generator Plan from Engage Digital

Lead Generator

Boost Traffic
Generate Leads
Drive Sales

Ideal for SMEs, start-ups and light ecommerce businesses, this subscription will deliver polished campaigns for your brand, boosting your marketing and growing sales. 

Engagement Engine Plan from Engage Digital

Engagement Engine

Engage Prospects
Nurture Customers
Optimise Conversions

For established businesses (B2C, B2B or eCommerce), ready to scale, and needing an expert agency to help achieve aggressive goals of improving sales and profits.

Brand Rocket Plan from Engage Digital

Growth Rocket

Expand the Brand
Strengthen Loyalty
Drive Revenue

For organisations that know the value of superior marketing. You’re driving brand performance and sales via innovative full-funnel digital advertising and marketing. 

Ready to drive sustainable, scalable business growth?

We bring all our experience to the table; a dedicated project manager, strategic direction, specialised SEO applications, tracking software and whatever it takes from our growth marketing playbook.

Some of the things we’ll be doing each month…

Driving qualified traffic to your website through Facebook, Linkedin and Google Ads.
Adding landing pages to your website, for paid media visitors, optimised for conversion.
Setting up Live Chat for instant messaging with prospects.
Leveraging Google Remarketing, promoting to visitors who have already shown an interest in you.
Producing and posting interactive content – ebooks, infographics, videos, webinars etc.
Writing insatiable Content that will rank well with Google and engage prospects.
Getting social on Instagram and driving fresh traffic to your website.
Focusing on Mobile Usability because more than 50% of your visitors are there.
Collaborating with other brands to tap into their audiences.

You’re in good company​

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Start generating the leads your business deserves

Growth Marketing

Generate amazing results with Growth Marketing.

Get more business for your business by engaging more leads, prospects and customers at every step of the sales funnel.

Experiments and Growth Marketing

A Experimental & Agile Approach for Business Growth

Key pillars of our Growth Marketing process are experimentation and agility. 

It’s about measuring a campaign’s performance against KPIs, testing options and quickly responding to outcomes.

We continually optimise successful marketing channels and quickly divert or adjust under-par tactics.

Cross-Channel. Cross-Funnel. Cross-Department.

The growth marketer’s role isn’t limited to a particular channel, tactic, or even department.

A growth marketer’s job is to find growth wherever he or she can.

A lot of the time, tactics may not be considered marketing at all. They could be web design, product development, direct sales or something completely different.

Optimised Sales Funnel

You’re in good company​

Check out some of the businesses we’ve helped grow.

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